What’s Included In The Overnight Hire Of A Get Tapped Bar?

Your  overnight hire of a Get Tapped Bar includes the following:

Does Get Tapped Cater For Weddings & Corporate Functions?

Yes. Weddings & Corporate Functions are our specialty. Our sleek design Get Tapped Bars will not look out of place at any event. Some of our bars even include LED lighting to suit any theme or mood you may desire.

How Many Beers Are There In A 50L Keg?

There are approximately:

Do I Purchase My 50L Keg From Get Tapped?

No. Get Tapped does not hold a liquor licence. There are a couple of options for purchasing your kegs:

How Do I book A Get Tapped Bar System?

Can Get Tapped Collect My 50L Keg?

Yes. If your Keg is purchased through one of our preferred licensed suppliers Get Tapped will arrange delivery on behalf of that supplier/venue of your choice. In this instance there will be no additional charge for this service.

Can I Source My Own 50L Keg?

Yes. Get Tapped is has no issue if you wish to source your own keg from a licensed supplier. In this instance we ask that the Keg is at your nominated address at time of delivery so that we can set up bar on arrival. (Please note if this option is chosen we cannot be responsible for the contents or quality of that keg).

If I Live Outside Of Your Delivery Area Can We Collect Our Own Get Tapped Bar?

No. Unfortunately due to the size and weight of our bars we do not allow collection, we must deliver and collect all Get Tapped Bars.

How Do I Pay For My Get Tapped Equipment Hire?

Get Tapped requires payment in full before your booking will be confirmed.

There are a few options for payment:

NOTE: Please use your surname or invoice number as a reference.