How Many Drinks Does The Twin Bowl Daiquiri Machine Make?

Our twin bowl machines have 12L either side (Total of 24L). Our free supplied cups hold 200ml so thats approximately 120 drinks in total.

Can I Purchase Additional Daiquiri Mixes?

Yes. We can supply you with additional mixers at the cost of $25 per bottle (1 x Bottle Makes 12L). Thats unbeatable pricing at only 42c per drink. If for some reason you don’t use the additional mixers we will happily refund you for any unopened bottles at time of collection.

How Long Will It Take For Mix To Ice Up?

Approximately 1hr depending on conditions where machine is located. For optimum results try to avoid the following conditions: Cramped areas without adequate ventilation or Machine sitting in direct sunlight. Machines work best in cool or air-conditioned areas. We cannot guarantee the reliability of our machines if they are placed in an area where the ambient air temperature is above 27 degrees. We recommend our Daiquiri Machines be placed indoors or in a cool area for best performance.

Can We Add Our Our Mix If We Run Out?

No. Mixers other than the ones we supply are not permitted to be used in our Daiquiri Machines. Using your own liquids such as cordial or soft drinks etc may damage the machines motor or gearbox for which you will be held liable for any damage caused.

What Type Of Table Do I Need For Machine?

The machines are approximately 80kg when full, so a sturdy table or bench-top is best.

What Type Of Power Outlet Is Required?

Our machine run off a standard household power supply.

Do We Have To Clean The Machine After The Party?

No. We will clean the machine, however if you could empty out the remaining cocktail mix that would be appreciated.